Handcrafted writing instruments and other small turnings

Handturned Pens ready to buy or custom order!

Thank you for visiting! Each of the pens you see are individually hand-made, no two are exactly alike. We select the hardware, then select a piece of material to make the pen body from and turn it on our lathes. Each piece is measured, trimmed, drilled, turned, shaped, sanded, finished and polished. Then the pen is assembled with utmost care. Each pen can be refilled with cartridges that are available at any office supply store. We ship each pen with instructions for changing the ink cartridge and the name of the type of cartridge needed. 

You may be thinking that you "always lose pens"...well, if you have one of these pens, we guarantee that you will definitely remember to ask for it back if you do let anyone use it! You'll get lots of compliments too!

If you are looking for the perfect personalized gift for someone, consider giving one of these pens! They are unique and useful and fun! They are sure to get lots of compliments!