Handcrafted writing instruments and other small turnings
  • Art Deco Fountain Rhodium with 22kt Gold Finish in Midnight Galaxy Acrylic

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    WOW! This is a gorgeous pen, certain to make a statement each time you use it! Our "Art Deco" pens are designed in the opulent style of 1930's made famous in architecture (think "Chrysler Building"), interior design, fashion, films, furniture, even radios and toasters were made in the lavish Art Deco style. The hardware for these pens is cast, polished and plated with a durable 2 micron 22kt Gold plate and Rhodium plating and features a medium-sized steel cartridge Schmidt TM Gold and Iridium nib, plus an ink pump and ink cartridge. Looks great in any color you can imagine and wood makes a beautiful pen too! If you're looking for a rollerball or ballpoint, please email us and we can make that happen too!