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  • Gearshift Antique Pewter in Nuclear Grape

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    This COOL pen is perfect for the "auto enthusiast", "gear-head", "motor-head", whatever you want to call them. This one is made in Navy Camo acrylic. From the gearshift pen mechanism based off a 5-speed "H" pattern shifter and knob, to the tire treads on the end and near the tip, the wheel design on the end, and hubcap spoke design on the tip, this pen screams racing. The clip resembles an industrialized crowbar and is attached to the pen with 2 small screws. Looks really cool in flames, we'll have one of those posted here before too long. Available in Antique Pewter (shown), Antique Brass, and Chrome finishes and can be made in wood, or any color acrylic. Parker TM ink cartridge refills available at any office supplies store.